Hosting Services

We provide a Back-end solution so that you can easily manage your site. We seamlessly support both NT and UNIX on the same platform. Our systems are totally redundant (RAID-5) , scalable and secure. Features supported are:

  • Perl
  • Front Page
  • Java Applets
  • Real Audio & Video
  • SSI
  • Web based Windows style control panel
  • Save-day Setup
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Web-based Email
  • Disk Usage Meter
  • Website Promotion Wizard
  • Website Checker
  • Access to Log Files
  • Web Stats
  • Log Management
  • FormMail
  • Hit Counter
  • Support for RealTime credit Card Processing
  • SSL
  • ASP
  • MSAccess
  • Cold Fusion
  • PhP
  • MySQL
  • CGI


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Our Hosting Facility

All Sites are hosted at a World Class Internet Data Center We are in a Tier 1 Internet Data Center that meets the highest standards for "telco-grade" hosting required by our customers. World Fax provides web and e-mail hosting services to other service bureaus as well as small and large companies. "You cannot be more mission critical than providing service to service-providers, as we do. "The extreme mission-criticality of our business puts World Fax at the top of the managed service food chain. The new IDC is the perfect infrastructure center to serve our class of clientele."

The center was built to the latest standards of network connectivity, bandwidth availability, security and service continuity.

Our new data center is connected to a Tier 1 North American network via direct OC-192 (10 gigabit) connectivity to the backbone. The center boasts strict environmental controls, triple-level physical security and robust logical security. Fire suppression is state-of-the-art and smoke detection can scan particles to 3 parts per million. Power is redundant with multiple diesel and battery generated backup power supplies.

November, 2008
World Fax Added More Lines and now offers increased capacity for the following services:
Large Scale Fax Broadcast
Large Scale Emailto Fax
Large Scale Fax to Email
Large Scale Fax from Web


World Fax Services, Inc.
3853 Northdale Blvd.
Suite 356
Tampa, FL 33624