World Fax has been providing interactive Communications Services since 1990. Our goal is to Communicate with our current and prospective customer and to continue
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Broadcast Fax

Imagine, with the help of World Fax Services, you can contact fax machines all over the

Email to Fax.

With World Fax's Email to Fax Service you can send a fax right from your PC without having to print

Web Development

Web Development Let our professional design team develop your presence on the Internet

Some Industries that Use World Fax

Companies in a variety of industries have realized success when using our services as a Fax solution. Our Services have been designed to provide maximum flexibility in all aspects, including its application purposes. It can be implemented to serve the needs of any industry. For some ideas, see the list below


Best fax service

Our online fax service brings all you’re faxing into the modern world and connects it up to your computer and the web. It is completely mobile since you can send/receive your faxes anywhere, anytime. In this new wireless economy, you really are never that far away from sending and receiving a fax. Within minutes, everyone in your organization can send and receive faxes. Once you are connected to worldfax, you benefit from the scalability you need, maximum reliability, and the highest level of security.No matter what your faxing needs are, we have a solution out there for you. If you want to send a short document world fax is the simplest, fastest best fax servicefor sending a high-quality fax.

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