Email to Fax Service

With World Fax's Email to Fax Service you can send a fax right from your PC without having to print out the contents and feed the pages into a fax machine. Every computer in your office can be made fax capable. This service can greatly increase productivity. Our Email to Fax Service can be used to send a fax anywhere in the world.

With email to fax there is nothing to download or buy. Simply address an email from your existing email software, attach the document you want to fax, and World Fax will deliver the fax in seconds.

Almost Any Format

World Fax will accept almost any format you would like to fax. MS Word, Excel, WordPerfect and scores of other software packages are supported. Click here <formats.html> to view a list of all the supported formats.

Easy to Use

If you can send an email, you can use World Fax's email to fax and save! Click here
to request more information on this service or to arrange a free demo.

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