Fax Broadcast Tips

  • When designing documents for fax broadcasts, keep in mind that the resolution or dpi of a fax is much less than that of a standard printer. Use non-serif fonts, such as Arial to avoid drop outs of thin parts of the letters. Also avoid using font sizes smaller than 10 points.

  • Faxes are only black and white. Many colors do not convert well to black and white. Colorized logos and clipart usually turn out very bad. Use gray shades as little as possible, they will slow down your fax and most look very different at the lower fax resolution. Ultimately it may cost more because of the longer duration.

  • Photographs do not translate well to the fax format, some features may be recognizable but most end up looking very bad.

  • Make sure your fax numbers are formatted correctly, especially for international numbers. Our system will correctly dial normal long distance numbers with or with out the "1", as long as the correct area code is listed. The "011" is necessary for all international numbers. You must also make sure to have the correct country and city code for each international number.

  • Fax numbers should be as plain as possible, dashes in the number will not affect the processing, but some special charters may cause a misdial. Some people add small notes to a number, such as the word fax or ext., these letters are converted to the phone pad equivalent number and will cause the wrong number to be dialed.

  • Use standard 8 ½ x 11 documents, most fax machines can not handle the longer format of legal size pages. Extra long pages may be split at the bottom and printed on the receiving end as two pages, and also cutting off some information.

  • Make sure your contact information, such as phone, fax, address, e-mail or web site address is clearly displayed, if you would like people to contact you or reply to your broadcast.
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